Escape Room Technology. It's Not Magic, It's Illusion!


Adding Technology to your Escape Room has never been easier!

There are lots of discussions on the Facebook Escape Room groups about electronics and wizardry in our games. Many owners want to add tech elements but don't know where to get them or cannot afford the prices that some prop producers command.  

Well, friends and readers, I am here to help with that. I am going to clue you into 5 props that you can build yourself to place into your game. These elements will add that wow factor to your room that may set you apart from other escape rooms in your area.

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The greatest benefit to this do it yourself style of prop building is that you learn what it takes to build them, and when they break you can troubleshoot and fix them.

For the sake of brevity and crediting the content originators this article points to the original source material where possible.

Disclaimer: I have not built these projects. I have no additional information other than what is presented in the linked articles and videos. Some of these projects require skills that may be beyond your skill level. Take caution when soldering and working with electrical components.


Tom Knabe is a well-known escape room prop builder. His work is seen nationwide. Tom is a frequent contributor to the Escape Room Props and Technology Facebook group.

DIY Escape Puzzle : Arduino Touch Screen Keypad

A very bare bones framework for building a touch screen combination puzzle using an Arduino UNO & SeedStudio TFT shield.

arduino-touch-screen.gif microcontroller technology driven puzzle

arduino-touch-screen.gif microcontroller technology driven puzzle

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

2. Make Magazine

Secret-Knock Gumball Machine

It’s a gumball machine with a twist: if you want a gumball, you have to knock on the machine with a secret rhythm (and guess it right), and then you win a confection. 


The Enigma Puzzle Box analog technology to wow your players

A 16 switch puzzle box that can only be opened when the switches are in the right position. A 16 switch puzzle box that can only be opened when the switches are in the right position. This is made of switches and analog technology. It does not require the use of an Arduino or other microcontroller.

4. Escape Room Electronics


Patrick Kikis is the designer and engineer of these products. Patrick provides the electronics and you install in the environment you want the puzzle to reside in. Patrick can customize this prop controller to your needs.

This prop was designed to be installed in a bookcase prop, or in a drawer prop.  

5. Make Magazine

The Combinator: A Comparator Combination Safe

Once in a while it’s nice to drop the software side and explore what can be done with simple logic chips, and older technology. This custom combination electronic safe project will do just that. 

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Brian Vinciguerra is a retired Marine and is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Cracked it! Escape Games in Jacksonville, North Carolina.