Max Participants:  6 Players   Success Rate: 60%    Recommended Age: : 12+    

Max Participants: 6 Players

Success Rate: 60%

Recommended Age:: 12+ 


Old Maude lived alone in the creepy house at the top of the hill; that is until her last surviving relative had her committed to an asylum. She has been insisting that she has unfinished business of dire importance in the house. Can you figure out what the business is and complete it before it's too late?

This experience has atmospheric elements that may be disturbing to younger guests. 

Max Participants: 6 Players

Success Rate: 47%

Recommended Age:: 8+

July, 1989, the Cold War rages and the world teeters on the brink of nuclear destruction. Suddenly, the air raid siren wails and you are caught in the open. You run for cover in an abandoned fallout bunker and find all of the systems off-line. You have 1 hour to restore all life support systems or else.