Realtors on the Go visit Cracked it! Escape Games an Escape Room in Jacksonville North Carolina |video Transcript

Realtors on the Go visited Cracked It-Escape Games this week, a family fun location that Castro Real Estate Team has visited frequently. Come explore Cracked It-Escape Games with Madison Preble and April Seifert, and hear from the owner about the upcoming room!!
April Seifert: Hey everybody it's April Seifert and today Madison Prieble and I are here at Cracked it! [Escape Games] with Realtors on the Go! We just want to give you an update on something in the area that's fun for family and team bonding. So if you want to come out and check it out its at 559 Lejeune Blvd in Jacksonville [Correction: 559 Freedom Way, Midway Park, NC 28544].

Madison Prieble: Hi, this is Madison and I'm here at Cracked it! with the owner Brian and he's going to tell us a little bit about his location.

Brian Vinciguerra - Owner of Cracked it! Escape Games: So, I'm the owner of Cracked it! Escape Games. We are Jacksonville's first and largest escape room company. We have typically three rooms available. Right now we have one that we're redoing. That's Maude's Madness, we're hoping to have that open in October. Our other two rooms are Queen Anne's Revenge, our pirate themed room and DEFCON-1[: Red Alert] our nuclear fallout shelter. 

We're open on Monday's, Thursday's, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's. Closed Tuesday's and Wednesdays. If you come on Monday or Thursday use the promotion code GIVEBACK and that'll give you a 15% discount. We take 10% of our proceeds and donate it to local charities that have an impact here in the Onslow County area. We've been doing that since our first month out and we will continue to do it so long as we can. So long as people like you come visit people like me. 

Madison: That's great! So when did you say the new room was going to open?

Brian: We're looking to have it open in mid-October. That's what our goal date is and barring anything unusual we should make that timeline. Hopefully!

Madison: Are we allowed to ask what the new room is?

Brian: We call it Maude's Madness. It's a little spooky room. It revolves around a haunted dollhouse. (Holding up doll in cage) This is Emilene I believe we are calling her. She's going to be one of the props that's in the room. We're going to be doing a Christmas themed room. We're going to be shutting down our Queen Anne's Revenge room this year. Just for the Holiday Season and putting in a Christmas specific room for families with kids about 10-15 years old. It's a family-friendly activity. 

Madison: Is there a certain group size you'd recommend?

Brian: Our rooms are built for up to six people. We can surge to seven but we do caution people that if they want to jam seven people in a room it can become uncomfortable. The average size or right size group is about four or five people. A minimum of one and we can go up to six people, but the right sized group is about four. 

Madison: Awesome! Very Cool! Do you have any other specials you're going to be doing lately?

Brian: We do offer a military discount. That's 10% off for all of our military members. They should use the offer code THX4SERVICE when they book and that'll apply the 10% discount. That's good on any day. We do run specials from time-to-time on our Facebook Page and through our social media. We are @crackeditnc on all forms of social media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat]. That's how people can reach us or they can call us here at (910) 353-4434 or visit our website at

Madison: Is that where we'd go to book tickets?

Brian: and click the Purchase Tickets [correction: Book Now] drop down and that'll take you right to our booking page. You can book online, securely, using all major forms of credit cards. American Express, Visa, Discover, Master Card, [Paypal]. We also take bookings over the phone and we occasionally take walk-ins. We caution people from that because we have slated slots just like a movie theater. If people were to just show up there's a high possibility that they may not get in during the time that they're looking at getting in. Booking in advance is highly encouraged. 

Madison: How long does it usually take to get through a room?

Brian: We allot one hour. If a person or group visiting allot's 90 minutes total from start to finish, that'll allow us to brief them on the front side, get the game in (up to an hour) and a few minutes on the back side to take a photograph that they can push to their social media or their phone right from our photo taking station. For companies that decide they want to come we also have branding opportunities. We create custom create frames for specific companies that come here to do a team building activity. 

Madison: So, is there anything else you want to show us? We know you don't want to reveal too much and want to keep some things secret

Brian: We don't want to reveal too much but we've got DEFCON-1  which is our 1980's fallout shelter. This is based around the threat of nuclear war in the 1980s. To the right we have Queen Anne's Revenge which is our pirate themed room. As you can see we have a sizeable lobby space for company meetings, group meetings, or group activities. We have seating for up to twelve people. This used to be a dance studio so there's lots of space to get up and move around.

Madison: Very nice! Awesome! It was very nice talking to you. Thank you.

Brian Vinciguerra is the owner of Cracked it! Escape Games and UnRealityVr an Escape Room and Virtual Reality Arcade in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Brian Vinciguerra is a retired Marine and is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Cracked it! Escape Games and UnRealityVR an Escape Room and Virtual Reality Arcade in Jacksonville, North Carolina.