Escape Room Owner Testimonial about North Carolina Small Business Center

Brian Vinciguerra, the Owner of Cracked it! Escape Games speaks about the North Carolina Small Business Center Network chapter at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

This video appeared as part of a larger article in the Jacksonville Daily News.

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Hi, my name is Brian Vinciguerra and I'm the owner of Cracked it! Escape Games here in Jacksonville. We are just celebrating our second anniversary and the reason I'm talking today is because I wanted to talk about the Small Business Center at Coastal Carolina Community College, and what it's meant to me as an entrepreneur.

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The folks and staff at the small business center have been instrumental in helping me open my business and grow my business into a thriving success that it's been for the last two years.

Through their small business counseling and their continued seminars on marketing, management and financing, I've been able to take an idea or concept and grow it into a viable and supportive business that is active in our community. 

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Brian A. Vinciguerra talks about how he buil his whole business with the help of the Small Business Center Network (SBCN). Learn more about the SBCN at Learn more about Cracked It!

Video Transcript: The value of the Small Business Center Network from Brian A. Vinciguerra
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One of the reasons I love to come to these classes is because of the tips and tricks we get from Martin (Brossman) and other instructors. For instance, I didn't know about some of the information. Which I now have notes to take with me.
I've been coming, I actually think it's almost a year to the day that I came to my first class here at the Smalll Business Center and I've been to roughly thirty or forty classes. Every single one of these classes has helped me grow my business from an infant idea, through the counselling process, through the education process, to getting open and growing into having 1600 (Facebook) likes and having a presence in the community. Having a large network of outreach that I can rely on when I might trip on my shoelace and fall at least somebody here is going to help pick me up and get me back going in the right direction. 

“for the life of me I cannot understand why there is not more participation from fledgling and experienced business people in the programs that the SBC provides.

— Brian Vinciguerra

I'm also learning a lot about marketing, and financing, and licensing and insurance, all of the varied aspects of opening a business and starting a business and running a business. You can't beat this kind of information for free. It's impossible to beat this kind of information. I would have to spend hours at the library. I'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on books at Barnes and Noble's. I'd have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of professional services to get the kind of information that I get here for free. 

So that's why the Small Business Center is a valuable tool for me.

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Brian Vinciguerra is a retired Marine and is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Cracked it! Escape Games in Jacksonville, North Carolina.


Brian Vinciguerra is the owner of Cracked it! Escape Games. An Escape Room in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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