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Max Participants: 6 Players Difficulty: 6 out of 10 Recommended Age:: 10+

Max Participants: 6 Players

Difficulty: 6 out of 10

Recommended Age:: 10+

The notorious elf gang that is going to help you pull off the crime of the century. Break into Santa's office and steal the letter that your mom sent Santa to add you to the Naughty List. Get it back in the return mail before time runs out. Booking is now open for dates beginning on Friday 11/24/17.

Max Participants: 6 Players

Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Recommended Age:: 10+

July, 1989, the Cold War rages and the world teeters on the brink of nuclear destruction. Suddenly, the air raid siren wails and you are caught in the open. You run for cover in an abandoned fallout bunker and find all of the systems off-line. You have 1 hour to restore all life support systems or else.

Brian Vinciguerra co-owner of Cracked it! Escape Games explains Cracked it! Escape Games #GIVEBACK initiative and it's benefits to the Onslow County, North Carolina community. When you visit Cracked it! Escape Games on #GIVEBACK Monday and Thursday you receive a discount and we donate to charity.

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody this is Brian at Cracked it! Escape Games. I wanted to take a couple of minutes today talk about our Giveback promotion and explain kind of what it is and why we do it. We opened up in January and we started to do the Giveback promotion in February. We found as business owners and as community members here in Jacksonville that it was important that we take the time and the effort to support our local charitable organizations. So, starting in February we started to take a small portion of our proceeds and donate it to, to, uh, area charities. And we started in February back with the Onslow County Soup Kitchen. So if you use the offer code GIVEBACK all one word on Monday and Thursday, what you're going to receive is a 15% discount when you come here to Cracked it! Escape Games. And then we're going to take 10% of our proceeds and we're going to give it to a local charity. Since we started doing this we've supported the Onslow County soup kitchen, The American Red Cross of Onslow County, The Semper Fi Fund, The Onslow County Animal Society, The Onslow County Public Library. At the end of the month we're going to give them a check for 10% of our proceeds when you come and visit us on Monday or Thursday here at Cracked it! Escape Games. Use the promo code GIVEBACK when you book online at that's