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Your team are members of the secretive society Antiquities Investigations and Recovery that works to recover sacred and powerful artifacts. Dr. Rudolf Schumpert has summoned you to investigate the location of and recover an artifact of great historical value and cultural significance. Examine the clues, solve the puzzles, crack the codes and find the artifact.

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From the log of Captain Robert Maynard, May 1718.

I have in hand a warrant for the rest of Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard. Wanted for violation of the order of the crown and the conditions of pardon. I have word that his flag ship the Queen Anne's Revenge has run aground in Beaufort inlet and is sinking on the rising tide. We have one hour before she is lost to the sea forever and Blackbeard escapes the Crown's justice.

You and your crew have 60 minutes to gather the crucial informaton and track Blackbeard down to bring him to justice.

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