We at Cracked it! Escape Games are proud to host the artwork of Onslow County artists. Our lobby and briefing space is dedicated to the presentation and display of their work. 

Each month we will feature photos of the artwork currently on display at Cracked it! Escape Games.

 Featured Artist - March 2016 - Jill Schrader

Jacksonville, North Carolina artist Jill Schrader is currently displaying pieces at Cracked it! Escape Games. Jill's artwork is whimsical, colorful and quirky reflecting the personality of this critically acclaimed podcaster and co-host of the Jackalackabuff podcast. Jill is currently an apprentice tattoo artist

My birth name is Elisha, I'm 28 years old and I live in North Carolina in the USA. I'm a GR reg and I grew up on the internet, video games, and horror movies. Basically, raised by wolves... I like to collect clocks, coffee mugs, and all things Resident Evil. I love to go out and eat breakfast foods, see new horror movies, and go on adventures with my best friends. Maybe you'll see me at a horror convention sometime... :)

Jill is currently displaying the below pieces at Cracked it! Escape Games. Contact Jill for pricing and sales information or stop by Cracked it! Escape Games to view these pieces.

You can contact Jill for more information or to arrange a sale of any of the above artwork.
Facebook- Umbrellajill

Website - Jills Shack
email me at either jillybeans@jills-shack.com or jill_valentine_re2000@yahoo.com.