We at Cracked it! Escape Games are proud to host the artwork of Onslow County artists. Our lobby and briefing space is dedicated to the presentation and display of their work. 

Each month we will feature photos of the artwork currently on display at Cracked it! Escape Games.

For our Grand Opening we will be displaying pieces created by Richard "Dan" Mercado. Dan's art features themes from nature, Polynesia, and other forms of creative expression. Dan also creates wonderful tables from reclaimed cedar wood. 


Dan created many of these pieces for a nature preserve fund raiser. A portion of each piece will be donated to Possumwood Acres wildlife sanctuary. The artwork featured is for sale, however Cracked it! Escape Games is not a sales gallery. The sale will be between the artist and the interested purchaser.

If you would like to see these pieces in person or would like to speak to Dan about purchasing you can contact him at:

Dis Dat and Dakine Hawaiian Art email: ungkomerc@yahoo.com